Do you like to use hot water, but tired of waiting for the cold water to boil? In such case, let the Bosch Tronic 3000 T ES2.5 Under Sink Water Heater eliminate the hassle. This device will ensure that your hot water will be delivered the moment you need it.

This is among the best from Bosch. Furthermore, it ensures that you won’t need to be concerned about the inconvenience associated with other water heaters anymore. Also, you will definitely love the fact that it is a compact unit.

Since it is constructed as a smaller device, you can anticipate that it is to be installed under your sink. Bosch also made it possible to construct the water heater as a pair to almost every home sink design. Apart from residences, you can also consider it as a replacement for office building water heaters.

This product also ensures that you will not have difficulties with installation. You simply need to tap into the line where cold water passes. Afterward, setup of the heater under the sink will already follow. To start its operation, you simply need to plug it into a 120-volt outlet.

The under sink water heater requires only 12.5 amperes. Moreover, it can keep as much as 2.7 gallons of water prepared for dispensing.


Main Features

Several features prove how reliable the mini-tank water heater is. Despite its smaller construction, it is packed with capabilities that even its more expensive rivals cannot offer. Here are the major features of the unit:

Leak Prevention. It is designed with glass linings in order to avoid damages on its construction. Moreover, its overall build is developed to be sturdy enough in resisting impact and long period of use. Even if you use it over time, it will also take time to wear down.

Compact Construction. You will find it very easy to fit in almost every type of sink. Do you know that it can be installed even in a cabinet space? Besides its seamless setup, you can be certain that it will complement almost any furnishing in your home.

Even if it becomes visible, you do not have worry since it has an attractive and sleek design.

All-Around Water Heater. Bosch made it possible to design the water heater not only for bathrooms, but also for patio sinks and powder rooms. Other areas it can be applicable to are garages, basement wet bars, small apartments, boats, RVs, pool houses, and kitchenettes among others.

Point-of-Use Hot Water. The moment you open the sink is the time you will also receive hot water with the aid of the heater. It features a simple connection to an electric outlet. It even comes with a pre-installed valve for pressure and temperature control.

Energy Efficient. This device is also highly efficient if you are aiming to save energy.  As a proof, it comes with a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) – free foam insulation.

Easy Installation. Setting up the water heater is also very easy. There are only a few steps involved in its installation. As long as you have the accessories needed, you can replace any mini-tank you have hassle-free.

Bosch Gl2.5 Ariston under a skink photo


There are more reasons why the product is becoming a must-have for most customers nowadays. Besides its exemplary features, there are also advantages to reap once you purchased the water heater. Given below are a few of its pros:

Temperature Control. You have the power to adjust the water temperature that is fit to your preference. Simply take caution for the water can get too hot.

Instant Hot Water Supply. Unlike before, customers shared that using the water heater enabled them to have hot water at the point of use. According to them, their previous unit provides heated element after a few minutes or so.

Some even described that it will only take a couple of seconds before the heater delivers hot water. Alternatively, it may take a few minutes during the cold weather. Still, the device processes water faster than its counterparts.

Water Savings. If you want to save water, this is the device to use. It will simply store a certain amount of water in its small tank so that hot water will come out from your faucet instantly when needed. This is unlike tankless units wherein heat water runs through it, regardless of the constancy.

Easy Installation. Apart from the claim of the manufacturer, even the existing owners of the mini-tank water heater attested that it is indeed very easy to set up. You can even plug it almost anywhere as long as you follow the electric requirements.

Durable. After long-term use, the customers also reported the same quality of performance from the unit. This proves that Bosch used only top quality components.


If there are advantages associated with the product, there are also flaws documented by its real-life users or buyers. A few below are listed with details:

Pressure Relief Valve Leakage. There are customers who encountered leaks from the pressure relief valve. One customer even asked for a replacement, but still experienced the same problem.

Mineral Deposits. It is not mentioned in the product’s description if the water heater has a feature to get rid of mineral accumulation. Apparently, there is an existing owner of the device who had excessive calcium build-up. This is an issue that will likely affect the lifespan of the water heater.

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 2.5 dimensions


If you do not prefer waiting too long simply to have hot water to use in taking a bath, Bosch Tronic 3000 T ES2.5 Under Sink Water Heater is definitely a good choice. This product will not only assure instant supply of water, but it also has other useful functions.

For instance, instead of using a tanked water heater that is way too heavy or bulky for your sink, you can consider this product. Also, the device is reliable in terms of eliminating the inconvenience of installing a water heater.

Though it does not have the advanced features of other water heaters, it still sustains the water temperature control, which is a must-have for most users. If you want to cover a bigger home, it can actually be installed in various rooms due to its compact size. It will never take so much space even in a cabinet.

As for the price, there should be no concern at all. It is priced accordingly, which can still be considered a decision by Bosch that must be appreciated. << If you are interested in how much it currently costs on Amazon, click here! >>