The Rinnai RL94iP Propane Tankless Water Heater is one of the top rated products released by the brand, which has long been trusted when it comes to delivering quality tankless water heaters. Aside from Rinnai being among the largest manufacturers of gas appliances, it also produces commercial and residential products of the same kind.

You can anticipate greater flow of water with this tankless water heater. It is available of generating up to 9.4 gallons of hot water in every 60 seconds. Besides, it can also deliver hot water up to four bathrooms consistently.

This tankless heater is also considerable for residential properties. To retain its operation, it demands 0.26 gallons per 60 seconds. It also has a 0.4 gallon per minute activation flow rate at the minimum.

Compared to other products, this heater has no standing pilot. Instead, it utilizes a direct-spark electronic system. The digital controller it has is MC-91, which will provide a range of 36.67 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. You will find this configuration in the forepart panel.

Though it requires professional assistance for the setup, it only requires small maintenance. If you have a mobile home, this is also a great heater choice. Though the outdoor air temperature is low, this unit will never freeze.

Main Features

There is a great number of amazing features to find in the tankless heater. To provide you an insight, given below are the details:

Commercial-Grade Heat Exchanger. The tankless heater is designed to be installed in both commercial and residential properties.

Temperature Lock. You do not have to worry about sudden changes with water temperature. You can lock in your preset configuration.

Door Mounted Controller. As mentioned above, you will find the configuration of the heater at the front. Since it is digital-based, you will find it easier to study the settings. You can adjust the water temperature accordingly.

The digital display also provides you the water temperature for tracking. If there are problems in the unit, you will be alerted as well.

Improved External Pump Cycling. You can actually allow the external pump wheeling at temperatures and intervals that are determined in advance. This is with the help of the onboard Circ-Logic recirculation program.

Optional MSB-M Master Controller. Apart from its two-unit compatibility, you may also use the discretionary controller to manifold three or more units.

Added Leak Detection. This product also allows you to determine if there are leaks in the unit. In such instance, property damage will be mitigated since it will shut off automatically.

Freeze Protection System. It will never freeze even if the air temperature outdoors drops to -30 degrees Celsius, particularly if you install it in mobile homes.

EZConnect Feature. You can also connect dual units into the tankless heater with this onboard component.

Excessive Scale Deposits Control. The tankless heater has the capability to keep an eye on deposits of scale in the unit. With this feature, long-term damage will be prevented.

Energy Efficient. You can save a lot of energy in using the device since it is designed with 82 percent power efficiency. This means that you can place it anywhere despite the discrepancies in ventilation systems.

Rinnai RL94iP HE Tankless Hot Water Heater front and specs


The product is also filled with advantages you will obtain once you purchased it. These also serve as reasons for people to actually rely on the brand even more. Given below are the said perks associated with the product:

Seamless Hot Water Delivery. Most of the positive reviews of the product commended it for delivering consistent amounts of hot water. According to the customer reports, even if the incoming water is cold, it will still generate plenty of hot water.

Applicable for Big Houses. There are also families who have used the tankless heater in their big properties and never had an issue. It will constantly deliver hot water to sinks, laundry, bathrooms, and dishwashers among others.

Straightforward Installation. Many buyers commented that the owner’s manual is thorough and clear. Every information you need is in the guidelines from the manufacturer. They even claimed that even without a professional, you will be able to install the device.

If you have a background knowledge or familiarity with plumbing, you will find it easier to set up the tankless heater.

Higher User Control. With the settings available with the unit, you can determine the water temperature depending on your preferences. Furthermore, its settings are digital, thus giving you ease in configuring the device.

Safety Features. If you will read through the features again, you will find out that the unit has various safety capabilities geared toward your family’s protection.


No product is flawless, and this tankless heater proves it. In spite of having considerable features that every family would want, there are also reports of its shortcomings. Given below are the proofs:

Poor Customer Service. For customers, it is highly important to find a firm that could serve its clients in the most efficient way possible. However, there are reports saying that Rinnai has warranty issues. There is one customer who was about to be provided a replacement but with only a deduction of 100 bucks from the cost.

Defective Packages. The quality control of the manufacturer is also recommended for improvement since there are still buyers who have received defective packages. Others had packages that were already open. Alternatively, there are ones who experienced having dented units.


To sum up, you can include the Rinnai RL94iP Propane Tankless Water Heater as a top quality product to consider. As mentioned earlier, there is no perfect tankless heater. The product also proved that its features outnumbered its flaws.

Furthermore, you can see that its advantages also outweigh its disadvantages. Many customers are also satisfied with their purchase of the tankless heater. It works as anticipated, and its efficiency is recommendable for other people.

Even its flexibility is noteworthy. Aside from the fact that it can be used commercially and in residential areas, its features are made to support bigger properties. Apart From bathrooms, you might as well supply hot water to every room of your abode.

You will be pleased with this appliance since it has power that can support multiple outlets, which is not done by most of its counterparts.