The Takagi T-H3-DV-N Tankless Water Heater is an indoor device that is applicable for both commercial and residential applications. According to its manufacturer, you may use it in beauty salons and small restaurants.

Takagi is also proud to say that its product is compliant with the regulations on Ultra-Low NOx. Furthermore, its heat exchange tubing is developed through the use of grade copper alloy. Though it is designed for indoor application, it is suitable for heavy residential usage as well.

An example of this is when you want to set up systems on domestic recirculation or space heating. Also, it has already received certification for an altitude of up to 10,100 feet. Depending on the temperature of ground water, it has varying number of units to handle.

Primarily, it can support three showers in cooler climates. Alternatively, it can manage up to four showers during warmer weather. Apart from heating applications domestically, it can also work for radiant floor systems, recirculation systems, storage tanks, and hydronic heating systems.


Even without the use of multiple units controller, you can set it to support up to four units using the Easy-Link feature. However, if you will be able to use multi-unit controller, you can connect up to 20 units.

Main Features

There are several features found in this product. If you want to discover why it became one of the most sought tankless water heaters today, given below are its capabilities:

Safety Features. You will find this product rich in protective capabilities. Besides troubleshooting diagnostic codes, the device will also provide surge protection, freeze control, and overheating management among others.

Lead-Free. Your family protection is certain with this device, since it is compliant with the standards of having no lead component.

Multiple Units Connection. You can connect the device to various units. Regardless of whether you will use a multi-unit controller or not, you can still have more than three units to deliver with hot water.

High Flow Rate. Compared to standard electric water heaters, you can anticipate a generation of up to 10 gallons per minute (gpm) from the unit. Normally, an electric water heater will only deliver two to four gpm. In other words, this device will deliver hot water even if you need it as early as now.

Revolutionary Water Condensing System. The device works differently, for its steam condensation takes place in a combustion chamber. Once the water is produced, the element will be pushed out of the drain. Compared to natural gas heaters, you will find its procedure more efficient in energy and cleanliness.

Natural Gas Support. Whenever cold water is detected in its lines, you can anticipate its heat exchanges and internal burners to carry out their tasks immediately. In other words, heating water is constantly being done so you will not run out of supply.

Flexibility. Installation of the tankless water heater is much easier since it comes with a power direct vent construction.

ENERGY STAR Qualification. Besides the durability of the device, it also has a qualification under ENERGY STAR standards of 0.95.

Takagi-T-H3-DV-N front side



If you will read the customer feedbacks of the product, you will discover that most of its buyers and existing owners are satisfied with its performance. To understand more about the perks it can offer, given below are the following:

No Heated Air. When using this device, you will notice that there is no heated air that will come out of it. This is one proof that the unit is efficient for use. Even if you use a vent, there will be no visible gas exhaust whenever the device is operating.

No Running Out of Water. Many have commended the tankless heater, for it can supply constant amount of water even to bigger properties. There is one existing owner of the device who shared that his family never ran out of hot water. This is despite the heater running for various bathtubs, faucets, dishwashers, and showers.

Straightforward Installation. Even without further assistance, you will find that its setup is seamless. The product comes with every accessory you need to install the tankless heater. Otherwise, you can ask assistance from a plumber.

Low Carbon Footprint. The users of the tankless heater also commended the product for providing a low carbon footprint compared to standard and tanked counterparts.

Durable. Buyers or existing owners of the device commented that they have been utilizing the water heater for long and never had an issue. This proves that it indeed has a durable construction to offer.


Not every tankless water heater is perfect, and this goes the same with this product from Takagi. There are also complaints from its users despite its almost perfect state.  Given below are few of its noted disadvantages:

Poor Repair Conditions. You have to be informed that repair is not being done by the manufacturer itself. In other words, the company may send you the parts necessary for fixing the unit but you have to pay for the repair. Besides, finding a shop to carry out the work may be tedious

It is also shared by some customers that the repair price may be more expensive than purchasing a new unit.

Reports of Premature Breakage. Similar to other tankless heaters, this product also has defective packages. There are customers who encountered a unit that got broken after more than a year of use. According to one client, he had broken heat exchanger and pipes after the first year.


Though the Takagi T-H3-DV-N Tankless Water Heater has flaws, you can still consider it a must-have device, Be reminded that despite not being the most affordable, it is among the most powerful units you can find on the market.

If you wish to find a heater that can support multiple units, this is a good buy. Besides, it is easy to install and use. The operation provides the owner power to control the temperature of water. Furthermore, it is also your choice how many units to connect.

There are issues, but these may be due to the defective components that at times come with packages. If you will weigh the advantages and disadvantages, you will still consider this heater flawless.  If you come across problems, Takagi will definitely find ways to solve these.