If you are noticing that by the time you get out the shower, the hot water has all run up, or maybe you’ve noticed that it takes a good extra while to get your faucets to heat on up to the wanted temperatures — then you have a reason to look into buying yourself a new home water heater.

Water heaters come in many different styles and kinds, and over the years have also changed styles, but with older water heaters that may have rusted or already corroded from time, the scare of a leak as a cause of this corrosion definitely does more damage than the most usually consider at first glance. That’s why it’s very important to assess the standing of not just your pipes but your water heater in order to clearing see if you are at risk for water damage.

Management of your water heater can be more easily done should you chose to employ more efficient types and maintenance of your home water heaters. Your options depend on finding the best in the latest technology and efficiencies with maintenance of your home’s hot water supply.

Different Types of Water Heaters for Your Home

When you are looking at different types of water heaters for your usage in your home, especially if you’re a family, then you’re going to want to be sure you’ve got a water heater that is large enough to handle the needs of the occupants of your home. All kinds of different water heaters have different types of shapes, sizes, and brands to choose from, including tankless heaters, like Stiebel Eltron’s Tempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless House Water Heater, a modern choice for those that desire an electric tankless heater.

When you’ve got a lot of people in the household then you have got to take into account when others are using the shower while you’re using the washing machine, and someone else might want to be running the dishwasher, for example. These household appliance items always fall back entirely on your hot water supply and how well your water heater is running. Different types of water heaters run at different efficiency levels, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that just because it’s new, it’s going to be the very best option; likewise, just because it’s a popular, traditional choice, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most trusted option available on the market. You should carefully explore your options and choosing the best water heater for you, and this article should help you with understanding some of the best tips for when you’re actively searching for a water heater and whether or not you should decide to choose an electric tankless water heater.


How Can You Choose The Best Water Heater?

There’s definitely choices for you out there, as a homeowner. Many Americans still use the traditional style tank water heaters. These are larger and usually found in the basement area, closet areas, or other well sized but easy enclosed or hidden areas because they’re not the prettiest looking things – natural gas water heaters with tanks. You need to have enough space to hold a tank because it needs to have enough space and air surrounding it to provide enough air circulation. Even though most people do go for the traditional ones, there’s other solutions for large and well maintained hot water supplies for the home.

Tankless water heaters are an option on the market that allows for the heating process a well-sized water supply would require, while utilizing newer, modern technologies that heat the water more efficiently and reduce your energy costs. There’s huge benefits that come with choosing a brand that is tankless. Some of them are solar powered heaters, and some are actually what are known as hybrid water heaters, which still are tanks but they are simply more efficient.

If you’re looking for a more valuable solution to your household’s hot water supply control then electronic water heaters can really be one of the best solutions you could possibly become aware of! Tankless heaters are usually water heaters that simply supply you via the electric heating of the cold water when it passes through the heater and gets to you as perfectly warm or hot water. The technology is really interesting, in the fact that when you start to think about how much energy consumption is reduced through using this type of water supply maintenance, some electronic water heaters are known to give you a whopping reduction of up to 30 percent or more!

What And Where To Look For To Find The Top Water Heaters?

What are the best options for top electric tankless water heaters available on the market for your home and residential household usages? If you’re looking for an electric choice of product — really for any and all kinds of appliances, this applies — but you can find good models of the exact appliance you are looking for both online and offline. Online, there are chances that you can find some good deals and more easily and with less pressure, take your time to shop around and find and review the data you need and the key features you’re looking for in your desired product. If you’re looking at places where you walk in and are greeted by employees and salespersons who are helpful, sometimes this can also create some unwanted pressure and hastiness in your purchase. Comfortably choose using the most of your resources.

What are some of the things you would want to be asking about when it comes to electric water heaters? Are all tankless water heaters electric ones? What do you know what to ask about water heaters for the home, or what key features should you be aware of for yourself and your family, when you either go shopping online or shopping in person for the right water heater for a most efficient water system and supply when it comes to your budget, your supply, your heat, and your water pressure.

There are some huge things to consider in how well the water will heat up. Different models will produce for you different pressure streams as well as different levels of how long it takes you to get things to heat up and how long that heated water lasts. Some other factors in your product choice may come down to the eventual cost and the actual purchase cost. See, with many resourceful water heaters, you can be making a huge difference in your spending over time, dramatically dropping your gas bill by leaving that behind for electric, and if you have modern technology in your electric water heater, you are up for possibly saving so much energy each month just because you aren’t constantly using up so much natural gas, which will deplete your pockets a lot over time.

To make a proper decision, one would need to weigh out the out of pocket costs associated with electric water heaters and what the difference would be over x amount of several years. Sometimes making that kind of investment will be one you can’t make immediately, but takes a little planning, but it can be done if you wish to save money on your bills every month. If you’re interested in not utilizing as much natural gas as you possibly can, then using a tankless water heater allows for you to watch out for the environment around you and your use of the world’ natural gases — a more green approach to your hot water supply.

Stiebel Eltron’s Tempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater

There’s a specific product available on the market if you’re looking for both a tankless product and an electric model for your home’s water heater. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, you should look to a product from Stiebel Eltron which is the Tempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater. They have many models available, but this particular model will be looked at and how effective it may be if you have found yourself looking into whether or not you have finally found the right home water heater for your entire household’s hot water supply.

Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater – Tempra 24 Plus inside

MORE ABOUT Stiebel Eltron

If you’re looking for a trusted source and brand in order to purchase from, then looking to a water heater manufacturer like Stiebel Eltron will likely leave you happy. They are known for being top suppliers within the market and industry for tankless water heaters. Getting your water heater from a trusted source and supplier should be a very integral and important part of purchasing decision. This has a lot to do with how long they’ve been in business and the reviews found of their business, which include valuable first hand experiences about the products. The great part about Stiebel Eltron if you’re looking for a forward-thinking, innovative approach to your water heating, they’re a good company and brand overall to trust because they specialize in tankless water heaters. For the home, they offer many different types, but they are well respected for their leading edge in the industry and specifically tankless models.


The Tempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater gets its name and 24 reference due in part to the 240 V and 24 kW that this tankless water heater takes on. It’s important to note that this tankless water heater, is large and in charge for the best outcome of your large hot water supply needs, but remember that this is made for residential, home use and not to be a replacement for some commercial water heater needs. The digital control box that comes with this tankless water heater can make your knowledge of water temperatures much more accurate and maintenance much, much more manageable. This particular model has a very sleek looking design to the actual product design along with the controller, which makes a much less obtrusive and less off-putting than most traditional types clunky controllers for your wall. Other general features of this model of tankless electric whole house water heater include a total weight of 15.4 pounds and a dimension of 21.5 inches x 19.5 inches x 8.8 inches, and is shipped in easy to open packaging.

Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater – Tempra 24 Plus performance figures


  • This model can save you a generous 15-20% off your electric bill in the portion that is coming from water usage with an electric water heater
  • Saves you a ton by not utilizing any natural gas to begin with!
  • Doesn’t require any extra ventilation so can fit just about anywhere you want it
  • Maintains an extremely steady temperature stream of your choice of temperature
  • Easily control that temperature through the digital monitor controller for the wall
  • Incredibly easy plumbing installation for this model of water heater
  • Generous 3 year warranty


  • Older homes will have trouble power supplying through the required two 60 amp circuits
  • Installation is pretty heavy duty and this isn’t clearly explained so may be costly to handle the full upfront cost of this model
  • The electric part of this tankless water heater makes it great for energy use but because it is heavy duty handling, you have to be prepared for a large load
  • Although the settings can display for both home use and commercial use, the commercial use settings has a tendency to be flux on temperature steadiness


Conclusion: The Best Water Heater Options for Efficient Energy

So you have some hot water supply problems at home? Simply can’t handle the large costs that natural gas is costing you every month from running your traditional water heater for a house full of people? When you have multiple roommates, a family with children, or many tenants to provide for, you might consider the benefits of a tankless water heater to cover your cost each month through a hefty investment into electric water heating. Checking into tankless options like those that Stiebel Eltron offers – including their Tempra 24 Plus Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater – will be a great place for your to start your search for the best possible expenditure, expense, and experience with your hot water in a home setting.